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About Rare Bar & Grill

Since 2003, RARE BAR & GRILL has satisfied the diverse palates of New Yorkers by offering an unprecedented variety of burgers. Ranging from the very popular M&M Burger flambéed with Maker's Mark, to the vegetarian favorite Portobello Burger stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, no diner preference has been left unturned. Everything tastes better when it's made into a burger!

Proprietor Douglas Boxer understands that the "classic" hamburger has been around as long as baseball and apple pie, and thanks to RARE, hamburgers have evolved into more than just a home meal favorite. In the midst of this ever-growing burger crazed world, RARE strives for perfection and works extra hard to produce the best quality product. However, mankind does not live on burgers alone, so there are fries too, and lots of 'em!

On behalf of all of us at RARE Bar & Grill, we invite you to partake in the RARE dining experience. Being one of the first burger-focused restaurants in New York RARE has inspired an entire generation of diners. You will leave happy, full and "rarin'" to return!